Pop Up Asia 2020 Application

Welcome to be part of the Asian Handmade Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. This application form will allow the Pop Up Asia Executive Committee to better understand your company's operations, the need for overseas market expansion, and product related information. Potential partners find ways to work with you faster.

If you have any questions on the form, you can refer to the FAQ or E-mail to the conference mailbox on the conference website.


前往中文版報名 English Guide

Application form description

  • Company Information
  • Brand Status
  • Application for participation.
  • Exhibition Terms

Please take your time and give full details. The Pop Up Asia Executive Committee will review the registration form and arrange appropriate buyers and partners. Please fill in and confirm the information in detail, and decide the required exhibition area and media according to content. Please complete the application procedures for all the equipment needed for your activities at the exhibition after you have received approval. This application must be received within the specified time or this will be regarded as a waiver and the application will be cancelled.

Paying the booth fee schedule

  • How to apply:

    Pay the registration fee
    Submit on-line application form

  • 7/31 All Payments Deadline
  • 8/31 Booth Layout Coronation Meeting

Anyone who passes the review will receive 2 e-tickets from the event "Accupuss" at the end of October. Welcome to participate.