PUA Makers in Thailand


Pop Up Asia partners with Happening and Friends to establish Happening Makers competition! Thailand designers could stand a great chance to show their artwork and turn their passion into a living through this competition. Only three talented illustrators will win a fully paid trip to exhibit in our trade fair.


第五屆亞洲手創展 - 藝 FUN 券使用說明

第五屆亞洲手創展 - 藝 FUN 券使用說明,已經獲得「藝FUN券」獲獎訊息通知者,隨時可於「藝FUN券」 APP 點選「領取藝FUN券」,原登錄手機號碼將收到 4 碼動態驗證碼,將驗證碼於 APP 輸入後,就能取得每張面額 100 元,總計 600 元的「藝FUN券」電子券。

2019 International Forum Topic

Through this year's forum, Pop Up Asia will direct craft entrepreneurs towards sustainability and elaborate on how micro-production benefits our business ecosystem and the world. International speakers will explore on the possibility of innovative production that can blend symbiotically with the land, and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.


因為有信念,才在逆境裡堅持手作創業 2020年,全球疫情讓世界面臨了前所未有的改變,或許你我都更深刻的體會到,POP UP ASIA 不斷強調的「讓喜歡的事成為生活」美好目標不僅是個願景,更必須面臨嚴峻的現實問題。 但當身為一個創作者,環境的變遷不會澆熄追求真善美的熱情;而當身為一個創業者,更不該任憑市場的困境擊倒商業目標。所以,2020亞洲手創展在台灣本土疫情趨緩的此時此刻,決定陪著大家繼續堅持下去。