A Message from POP UP ASIA to All Partners


A Message from POP UP ASIA to All Partners #WeSupport


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities 


POP UP ASIA is the first creative network based in Asia, curated for hand-craft entrepreneurs and its communities. From the perspective of hand-craft entrepreneurs, it opens up new doors of opportunities to Asia markets by exploring innovation trends and sustainable business models to provide its import and export, sales channels, manufacturers, and investors on crossover collaborations and to build a foresighted hand-craft entrepreneur ecosystem. 


2020 is starting off with full of changes and uncertainties. We not only need to practice physical distancing, reducing outdoor activities, most of international travel has also been restricted. The majority of the events have been canceled in the first half of the year resulting in great impacts on many industries whether it is from the markets or the supply chains. Cities are facing severe challenges including our POP UP ASIA partners in the Asia Pacific. 


In response to the impact of the global pandemic, POP UP ASIA will work in close partnership with our partners in different levels to offer our continued support as we navigate this dynamic situation. The preparations for this year’s POP UP ASIA Trade Fair 2020 are well underway as well, to continue to practice what we at POP UP ASIA have always believed in, #TurnYourPassionIntoALiving.  


With this in mind, we invite you all to join POP UP ASIA’s #WeSupport campaign: 

  1. For POP UP ASIA’s Friends: 

Sign up for POP UP ASIA Rewards member. If you shop at our partner’s physical stores, you will receive 1 reward point for every NTD 100 purchase. All reward points can be used as cash discounts during POP UP ASIA Trade Fair 2020 or redeem exclusive membership giveaway on our fan page. 

*Become a Rewards member: http://shop.mobile.cards/popupasiatw/  


    2.For POP UP ASIA’s Physical Store Partners: 

Thank you for keeping your heads while keeping the stores open and taken a series of precautionary steps in-store to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of your customers, your employees, and your communities. Through the #WeSupport campaign, POP UP ASIA will support you to establish a sustainable business operation by launching a series of activities to support your stores to increase your online sales and B2B marketing promotion. 

*Join #WeSupport Co-creation Campaign: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSez2e4mWNH68JUY10HgbfU4tntHj7j4n8uCV_asc5aaGCOQqw/viewform?fbclid=IwAR34YUiQzU8z52DFRnzX7nfB-11hgjXT12wx3N-TC2zWTw7J5xAbhdy_WPo


    3.For POP UP ASIA’s Exhibitors: 

On top of the business matching program and networking activities like previous years, this year at POP UP ASIA Trade Fair 2020 we will provide you (1). Digital transformation courses (2).Ads deployment and data analysis, (3).The online business matching program, (4). Financial support and angel investor initiatives, and, to give you a more holistic and integrated business portfolio to help you to adapt and thrive in the future. 

*Contact POP UP ASIA executive committee: https://en.popupasia.com/exhibitor/index


We have reached out to our partners around the Asia Pacific to find out what they are doing to get through this challenging time. The main takeaway from all of them is flexibility. Things are not as business as usual, and everyone is getting creative to make things work. Here are two videos from our partners we would like to share with you, they have also joined POP UP ASIA’s #WeSupport Co-creation Campaign. 


Last but not the least, thank you all for coming forward to join the #WeSupport campaign. Whilst the past few months have been difficult, thank you for the continued support of the Asia hand-craft entrepreneur ecosystem. While maintaining a physical distance is absolutely essential amid the global pandemic, it does not mean that we have to disconnect from each other. 


Together, let’s continue to #TurnYourPassionIntoALiving. Together, Stronger!   

POP UP ASIA Executive Committee 



POP UP ASIA做為亞洲第一個以手作創業者與組織交流為核心的手作創業展會,從手作創業者的角度出發,探索手作創業創新趨勢與永續商業模式,提供想要更進一步了解亞洲手創市場的進出口商、零售通路商、製造商與投資人,能在此進行更多合作與跨界交流,建立具有前瞻性的手作創業生態系。

2020一開始就是個充滿多變及不確定性的年。人跟人之間不僅需要保持社交距離,也要降低外出活動,更是全面停止跨國移動。全世界在上半年已有許多會展活動相繼取消,許多的產業都面臨著非常大的衝擊。不論是來自市場端或是供應鏈端,包括POP UP ASIA 的亞洲夥伴們,不同城市都正面臨嚴峻的市場挑戰。

POP UP ASIA面對全球疫情時刻,我們會持續支持所有夥伴,並同步開展亞洲手創展2020的前置作業,作為彼此的支援,持續實踐 #讓喜歡的事成為生活。

我們邀請所有夥伴一起加入 POP UP ASIA 的 #WeSupport 支援行列:


  1. 如果你是認同讓喜歡的事成為生活的朋友:

加入 POP UP ASIA 會員。毎消費100元 POP UP ASIA 就贈送您1點。所有紅利點數都可於今年的 POP UP ASIA 亞洲手創展做為現金折扣或是在我們的社團兌換會員專屬好禮。



  1. 如果你是 POP UP ASIA 的合作實體通路:

謝謝你們持續堅持站在第一線,接下來請讓POP UP ASIA支持妳們,我們將展開一系列的支持活動,支援你的實體通路,透過#WeSupport價值共創方案去增加線上銷售與B2B行銷推廣,為永續經營做好相關準備。

 *加入#WeSupport價值共創方案 :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSez2e4mWNH68JUY10HgbfU4tntHj7j4n8uCV_asc5aaGCOQqw/viewform?fbclid=IwAR34YUiQzU8z52DFRnzX7nfB-11hgjXT12wx3N-TC2zWTw7J5xAbhdy_WPo


  1. 如果你是 POP UP ASIA 的參展商夥伴們:

亞洲手創展2020 除了原有的商業媒合活動與跨界交流之外,和往年展會不同的地方在於今年展會將提供 1.數位轉型系列課程 2.廣告投放與數據分析 3.線上商務媒合會 4.財務支援與天使計劃 #WeSupport支援服務,協助所有參展商做好接下來的商業佈局,確保你的品牌能夠持續營運下去。

 *參展POP UP ASIA Trade Fair 2020:https://en.popupasia.com/exhibitor/index



最後,謝謝各位願意挺身加入 #WeSupport 支援行列的你和妳,謝謝你願意支持亞洲手創生態系,讓這樣的鏈結不會因為疫情的關係而讓彼此的心有所疏離,讓我們互相支援,一起 #讓喜歡的事成為生活 持續發生! Together! Stronger!







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